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November 2019

Recycling Magazine Drive

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A huge thank you to all the students who collected magazines for our magazine drive! 
A special congratulations to our eager Grade 1BK for winning the competition.

Magazine Recycling Competition
1st          Grade 1 BK    2265 magazines
2nd       Mrs Hlava       2246 magazines
3rd         SNU               1963 magazines

1st      Matthew Hendricks (Grd R CH): 2161 magazines
2nd     Nathaniel Lewis (SNU): 980 magazines

3rd       Connor Damon (Grd 1 VN): 879 magazines
Total magazines collected          9939

Special Christmas Visit

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Today we had a special visit from one of our Christmas Angels.  Mercia Teubes who has a long time connection with the Unit, came to deliver special Christmas gifts for our pupils.  She spent a lovely time chatting with out children and catching up with staff.
Thank you Mercia for the special gifts!


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The final day, we had a few sleepy eyes and tired bodies but it was all worth it.
A huge thanks to the campsite, their programme leaders and the ladies in the kitchen that kept our tummies full.
Caryn, Chante, Ayanda and Nick were there supporting our learners and creating that safe space for them to enjoy themselves.

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Today we spent time kayaking in the lagoon, which was definitely one of the highlights. Everyone participated in all the activities throughout the day. We ended off in style with a bonfire, singing, dancing and one last game. 

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Helping Others

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Today in Maths we used peer tutoring to assist some of our younger learners. 
It was a wonderful opportunity for the tutors to practice using the correct vocabulary and benefitted the younger learners by providing them reinforcement and repetition.