Senior School

What is it that makes SJMC Senior School so different?

The Senior School runs a Mentor Programme monitoring a relationship between two people (mentor and mentee) based upon mutual trust and respect.

This mentoring programme consists of smaller mentor classes, where each teacher in the Senior School is involved in mentoring a small group of students.

The mentor programme is a set of direct and practical tools for living a better life.

It provides for a simple, robust framework for reflecting on the ways we think, speak, act and find meaning in life, and for creating the causes of true happiness and fulfilment. Every fortnight a different theme is addressed. Every week, the themes are discussed and challenges are provided for the mentees. The mentees then reflect on these challenges. The aim of implementing this programme is to give our pupils an opportunity to create a framework of living which genuinely benefits themselves and others.

In addition to the Mentor Programme, the Senior School also provides: small classes of up to 25 children, a Grade 8 baseline assessment (Mathematics, English and Study Skills) within the first two weeks of the academic year to identify any areas requiring special attention; quarterly reporting on pupils’ progress; weekly academic testing; an Academic support programme; a homework/study facility; opportunities to compete in Mathematics/Science/Technology/History and other Olympiads, Expos and competitions.

Personal Development

Honour, respect and good judgement are expected

· Humility, compassion and service are encouraged

· Responsiveness to spiritual truths is nurtured

· Every pupil has a caring personal mentor who oversees their growth in all areas and has continual and excellent communication with parents

· Many avenues exist for developing skills and leadership

· Pastoral Care team for support with emotional problems

Academic Development

· The majority of Matriculants study for professions, most at universities

· Environmental education

· Academic support programme

3 afternoons a week (Tues – Thurs)

free of charge

* Mathematics (every day), Afrikaans, English,

Physical Sciences, Design, I.T, History, Geography, Business Studies, Life Sciences, Accounting, EMS and Xhosa

· Homework / study facility Daily until 17:30

· Prize-giving annual ceremony

Extra-Curricular Development

· Exciting class excursions

· Subject Camps

· President’s Award

· Grade 10 CSO camp

· Confirmation retreat

· Extensive range of sporting codes offered (Summer: tennis, cricket (boys & girls), swimming, softball and running. Winter: soccer (girls & boys), netball, rugby, table tennis and chess)

· Extensive range of arts & cultural activities offered (dance, drama, jazz band, marimbas, art extension, choir, Improv Studio, debating, photography)

· Extensive range of service activities offered ( Champagnat Club, altar servers, outreach)