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March 2020

Junior Swimmers Awards

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 Congratulations to one of our learners for receiving medals at the Swimming Grading Assessment.
Within the space of a few months he has shown so much improvement with regards to technique in the swimming pool.  

Day 3: A’eesha and Ashur Petersen

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What a treat we had this morning! A’eesha and Ashur Petersen, the children of the late and great Taliep Petersen, were also our guest readers. However, we didn’t get around to the book reading because we were so star struck and excited; we completely forgot about it. Thankfully this joyous pair will be returning on Monday to read again. Thank you A’eesha and Ashur we thoroughly enjoyed your energy and the wonderful way you interacted with our learners.

To view more pics click the link below:

A’eesha and Ashur Petersen

Day 3: Caron Darby-Michaels

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Our Headmistress Caron Darby-Michaels took a moment amidst all of the pressures of running our College to read her favourite children’s book to our students. The boys and girls we enthralled by her reading of The Gruffalo, as you can see in the photographs here. Thank you Mrs Darby-Michaels.