Pre-primary Traditional

Pre-Primary programme

  • The Pre-primary programme encourages the development of:
  • independence and co-operation
  • physical development and dexterity
  • a love of learning and enquiry

 Pre-Primary school Hours

  • The Grade R day officially begins at 08:00
  • Pre- Grade R days begin at 08:30 and both end at 13:00. 
  • Supervision is available from 07:00. 

Mainstream Pre-Primary
(for age group 3-6 years old)

Lessons are planned according to themes, which incorporate all learning areas.  Programmes are developed, taking into account the developmental stage of each child.  Learning to read and work with numbers begins as soon as it is evident that a child is ready to do so. Skills and knowledge required for Grade One are developed and consolidated.

Montessori Pre-Primary
(for age group 3-6 years old)

A 3-year-old entering a Montessori Pre-primary class finds a home away from home. All kinds of delightful practical activities stand enticingly on the shelves awaiting exploration – bubbles and pouring, spreading and cutting – each one developing and maturing the small person’s skills. Working individually or in small groups, the children, under the guidance of specifically trained directresses, progress through an array of tasks that build the skills that prepare them for more formal learning. As they show interest, the children are introduced to early numeracy and literacy skills – not pushed prematurely but allowed to follow their inclinations. Painting, cutting, clay modeling, music and movement, stories and games all form part of the enriched Montessori curriculum. It is a curriculum that emphasizes the development of independent, enquiring and self-reliant learning – the kind of learning that prepares a child for life.

 Included in the Pre-Primary school day

  • Religious Education classes
  • Weekly computer lessons in a modern laboratory following a comprehensive programme.
  • Half an hour a week of conversational Xhosa
  • A rich Grade R music curriculum
  • Music and movement classes for the Pre-Grade R children.
  • Class swimming in summer
  • Outings and regular visits to the Library



Aftercare is available from 13:00 to 14:30, 15:30 or 17:30.  A separate registration form needs to be completed.  Juice and snacks are provided at aftercare.  A holiday care facility is also offered if there is sufficient interest.

Optional private extra-mural activities on offer

  • Ballet
  • Playball
  • Karate
  • Drama
  • Abagility Maths
  • Soccercise Starz 
  • Clay Play

Grade 1 Readiness

During the Grade R year, the progress of a child is monitored throughout the year.  This allows for any lags to be attended to and to ensure adequate planning of the individual programme in Grade 1.  In addition, a Grade R child who only turns 6 in the first six months of the year when starting Grade 1 can be assessed for Grade 1 readiness and feedback will be given to the parents.