Pre-primary Traditional

Pre-Primary programme

  • The Pre-primary programme encourages the development of:
  • independence and co-operation
  • physical development and dexterity
  • a love of learning and enquiry

 Pre-Primary school Hours

  • The Grade R day officially begins at 08:00
  • Pre- Grade R days begin at 08:30 and both end at 13:00. 
  • Supervision is available from 07:00. 

 Included in the Pre-Primary school day

  • Religious Education classes
  • Weekly computer lessons in a modern laboratory following a comprehensive programme.
  • Half an hour a week of conversational Xhosa
  • A rich Grade R music curriculum
  • Music and movement classes for the Pre-Grade R children.
  • Class swimming in summer
  • Outings and regular visits to the Library


Aftercare is available from 13:00 to 14:30, 15:30 or 17:30.  A separate registration form needs to be completed.  Juice and snacks are provided at aftercare.  A holiday care facility is also offered if there is sufficient interest.

Optional private extra-mural activities on offer

  • Ballet
  • Playball
  • Karate
  • Drama
  • Abagility Maths
  • Soccercise Starz 
  • Clay Play

Grade 1 Readiness

During the Grade R year, the progress of a child is monitored throughout the year.  This allows for any lags to be attended to and to ensure adequate planning of the individual programme in Grade 1.  In addition, a Grade R child who only turns 6 in the first six months of the year when starting Grade 1 can be assessed for Grade 1 readiness and feedback will be given to the parents.