St Joseph’s Marist College sees itself as an expression of the Catholic Church’s mission to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our school is strongly rooted in a Catholic, Marist tradition and expresses its spiritual life through this tradition.

With the core to successful spiritual guidance and teaching being ethos, the ethos of the College is firmly grounded upon the five Marist attitudes of presencesimplicitylove of workfamily spirit and in Mary’s way. The school’s ethos is something that is continually nurtured and sustained. St Joseph’s Marist College, as with all Marist schools, welcomes all religions and cultures, for we believe that in finding commonality with other religions we teach our children tolerance and acceptance of differences.

The aim of Religious Education is to nurture in our pupils their personal gifts of faith so as to bring awareness, growth, true freedom and healing into their daily lives.

Religious Education (RE) must equip them in every sphere to help in the building of responsible and life-giving communities that are signs of hope for the world. Religious Education involves all in the challenge of allowing Gospel values to enrich the faith, philosophy and lifestyle of the school.

St Joseph’s acknowledges its multi-faith and multi-cultural composition. But since sharing the Gospel is integral to our reason for existing, what must be assumed in fairness is that anyone who joins the school community is open to the school’s principles and practices, and therefore to the school’s Religious Education programme.

Our Religious Education programme strives to be respectful and sensitive to the diversity of chosen and inherited religious paths of individuals within the school community. Indeed, our RE policy endeavours to promote an understanding and respect among people of different religious and other world views, in response to the gospel vision of unity and love among all people.

We endeavour to express our spiritual life throughout formal religious education curriculum, our Liturgical celebrations, our community prayer life and our pastoral care outreach network.