The mission of St Joseph’s Marist College to form the whole person in the image of Christ is created by blending three distinct traditions:

The pursuit of academic excellence, the heritage of Catholic education, and the spirit of Marist charism.

As an academic community, St Joseph’s Marist College maintains excellence in teaching and high expectations for learning in an environment that values scholarship and achievement. The College offers its pupils a curriculum that cultivates extensive knowledge and academic skills, intellectual acumen, formation of character, aesthetic appreciation, and physical well-being, in order to prepare them for tertiary studies, civic leadership and the lifelong pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.

As a Catholic school, St Joseph’s Marist College is guided by the educational mission and doctrinal teaching of the Catholic Church. Respecting religious diversity, the College welcomes a significant number of pupils from other traditions. Through formal instruction, common worship, and religious activities, St Joseph’s Marist College assists pupils in forming their consciences by emphasizing the dignity and integrity of the individual, the primacy of transcendent values and Jesus’ call to love and serve others, especially the poor.

As a Marist institution, St Joseph’s Marist College is enlivened by the spirit of the Marist charism. It strives to create a caring and concerned family; to befriend and show confidence in young people, while maintaining high expectations for their conduct; to develop among pupils a close personal relationship with God and the habit of prayer; to nurture a community that fosters hospitality, generosity, and responsible stewardship in pupils from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds; and to foster a concern for those who are often forgotten or neglected by society.