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Helping Others

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Today in Maths we used peer tutoring to assist some of our younger learners. 
It was a wonderful opportunity for the tutors to practice using the correct vocabulary and benefitted the younger learners by providing them reinforcement and repetition.

Fruit or Vegetable?

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Today in food skills we discussed the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. We spent some time trying to understand the difference between the two.  Below is a video which helps us to understand the difference.

If you think you know the difference, why not test your knowledge and try a few of these quizzes.

For the LOVE of work

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This year Caryn and Clare were fortunate to be sponsored tickets to the Professional Minds Conference which took place on Sunday.
There were many informative sessions on Autism led by both international and local speakers. 

Look beyond the label and see the human being, the individual with so much potential and hope.