Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

St Joseph’s Marist College Music Seminars
Some of our Matriculants had the privilege to interview two Music Professionals last week as part of our St Joseph’s Marist College Music Seminars. The students were tasked to prepare 3 questions to ask the experts regarding their journey as musicians, the music industry in the time of COVID 19. This was an extremely valuable exercise and was a wonderful experience for all of us. We had the privilege to interview Dr. Nicola Mason. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and an important voice in music education in America.
The second interview in the series we had with Mr. Weston Sprott. He was named dean of the Preparatory Division at Juilliard School of Music. He is also a trombonist at the Metropolitan Opera in New York and teaches at the Juilliard Pre -College and Music Advancement Progam.
During this time of Covid-19, we have realized the impact that music has on our society. It is so important to highlight the value of music education. It creates a sense of belonging and participation. The ability of music to increase social cohesion is so important for our children to realize. We thank Dr. Mason and Mr. Sprott for their valuable input and time.

Culture(n): trained and refined state of understanding and manners and tastes; instilling of it by training. (Concise Oxford Dictionary)

At SJMC it is our aim to develop (as highlighted in the dictionary definition above) the following: understanding, manners and tastes. The manner in which we attempt to create this insight into culture is by “training” the individual in this particular field of human experience. This training will take on the following format: exposing the learner to the prevalent artistic and cultural events and norms of the day.

Our modus operandi is to introduce the learner, from an early age, to the Arts, Ballet, Music and the Theatre. To facilitate this, we arrange outings to all the relevant venues and/or we invite traveling shows and guest speakers to entertain the learners in the school hall.

It is this training that has seen our Music Department grow to the extent that over 50% of the school’s pupil take part in one or other form of Music. Annually a number of our pupils take the Trinity College Music exams.

Pupils at the school can participate in the following:
Choir; individual instrumental tutoring such as vocals, piano, keyboard, guitar, recorder, drumkit, clarinet, violin, flute, trumpet, saxophone and trombone;  Marimba bands, various ensembles and the School Orchestra.

There is also opportunity for pupils to take part in drama, National Dance, contemporary Dance and ballet.