Being extremely mindful of the need to prepare our pupils to be either highly employable citizens or entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing world, all aspects of the person are concentrated on – that is the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional spheres that together make up well-rounded individuals, those who will act with integrity and grace in all their dealings with the world outside of St Joseph’s.

The school’s innovative curriculum and teaching methods enable our pupils to achieve their full potential, the teaching process being aided by staff, parents and alumni who together provide pupils with a solid foundation for life-long learning and development as independent thinkers and confident communicators.

Pupil initiative, responsibility and self-belief are promoted and social engagement is also encouraged and practised.

It may well be that today’s society is facing a number of crises, one of which is a crisis of morality. In every way possible St Joseph’s seeks to address this moral dilemma and it is doing so with a Marist educational philosophy, which has stood the test of time.