St Joseph’s Marist College Wellness

At St Joseph’s Marist College, the emotional wellness of our pupils is a priority. We are pleased to be running a series of online presentations by our Social Worker, Mrs Cheryl Neeson, in order to assist all parents and teachers to successfully navigate emotional matters experienced by children during this difficult time.

Pre-Primary Network Meeting

21 June 2022: Auditory Processing Difficulties

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Future Topics

Coping with Grief
How to manage big feelings
Top tips for online safety

Bridging Learning Gaps

Presented by Ms Emma-Jean Laubscher, Education Support Teacher at St Joseph’s Marist College
This presentation aims at addressing the learning gaps that have arisen during Covid-19 and how to bridge these gaps with practical, everyday solutions.


Presented by Mrs Cheryl Neeson (social worker)
Empathy is the ability to respect and understand another’s perspective or feelings. Helping preschoolers develop the life skill of empathy allows for stronger relationships with others, allows more opportunity for learning, Empathy promotes better tolerance for others and good mental health.


Presented by Mrs Cheryl Neeson (social worker)
Resilience is the ability to manage during a difficult situation and ‘bounce back’ after a challenging experience. This is an incredibly important skill during the time of Covid-19 and beyond.