Dear St Joseph’s Marist College Alumni

We send you warm greetings from St Joseph’s Marist College. 

As an ex-pupil of St Joseph’s, you will be pleased – and no doubt proud – to know that we will be celebrating 100 years of the existence of our College next year.

A Centenary Celebration is one to be considered with pride in the life of an educational institution, and we are exceptionally proud of our glorious past and what we have been able to achieve academically, as well as how we have been able to adjust to a rapidly changing socio-economic, educational, political, and technological landscape to continue to give the highest quality education to many young people from South Africa and beyond, always underpinned by our Marist Values.  

We have an action-packed programme planned for next year which will involve past and present pupils, educators, and parents, and we would love for you to be a part of it.   

Our biggest project for next year will be the initial stages of construction of a much-needed Centenary Hall.  This facility will be able to accommodate 850 people, and will enable us to host more – and bigger – events to celebrate and acknowledge the talents and achievements of our learners.  This project has the full backing of our Board, and we hope to enlist the support of many other stakeholders in ensuring that this project becomes a reality. 

Please also diarise Saturday 14 October 2017 for a pre-Centenary dinner, which will be held in the current school hall.  We will be sharing all our plans and projects for 2018.  Do join us for what is sure to be an enjoyable evening as we reminisce about the past, but also look ahead to the future with much anticipation and excitement.  More information about this event will follow shortly.      

We appeal to our Alumni to join us with due enthusiasm and financial support to ensure a befitting Centenary Celebration, which will include the phased construction of our hall.

We also have a collective responsibility to ensure that the St Joseph’s Marist College traditions and values will be held high through the combined collaboration of the teachers, the young pupils, and all who have an association with the College for the next 100 years.  

While much of the planning is still underway, we intend to keep you regularly updated on progress, and to encourage your support and participation.  In order to enable us to do so, we ask that you register on our website ( as an Alumni of St Joseph’s Marist College if you have not done so already.  

We will also be posting regular updates to our Facebook page, therefore please do ‘LIKE’ our page – and share with as many ex-pupils as possible.  

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